F= Forever With His FamilyA= Always There For You No Matter WhatT= The Only One Who’s ThereH= He’s My Hero Till The EndE= Encouraging In Everything I DoR= Really The Only One…No One Can Beat Him He’s The Best!!!
M - For the MILLION things she gave me,O - For she’s growing OLD,T - For the TEARS she shed to save me,H - For her HEART of purest gold,E - For her EYES, with love-light shining,R - For she is always RIGHT and always be.I ♥ MOTHER :)
A 5 year old Boy to the girl sitting next to her…
Boy: What is love?Girl: Love is… when you steal chocolate’s everyday from my bag and still I keep them in the same place…♥
A Boy Makes His Girl Jealous Of Other Beautiful Girls ..
But A Real Man Makes Other Beautiful Girls Jealous Of His Girl .. ♥ ♥
Lady: I think you are the father of one of my children..Aamir: Oh my GOD.. Are you Hina?Lady: NoAamir: Sadaf?Lady: NoAamir: Sarah?Lady: *In total confusion* No Sir!Amir: Then? :O.......Lady: I am the class teacher of your son
When  someone asking u about your studies.
Say everything is ok because: 
S.T.U.D.Y = S.leeping, T.alking, U.nlimited texting, D.reaming, Y.awning  :)

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Girl: if i ask u to jump down, will u do it? Boy: yes i will……. Girl: Why? … Boy : because i know you’ll catch my hand n pull me up.Girl: if i don’t then? Boy: Then I’ll die with the belief that you tried Ur best but couldn’t save me.. ♥ Love is not about doing something but about believing someone ♥